11 Days to 2022: I Have No Holiday Spirit

I got my Moderna booster on Friday. It takes two weeks to be “fully covered.” Meanwhile, our governor in Oregon gave us a heads up, that we should see an Omicron wave in 3 weeks. Talk about cutting it close. Sure, I can still get it and get sick. I just have a greater chanceContinue reading “11 Days to 2022: I Have No Holiday Spirit”

Surgical Destruction of the Past

INTRODUCTIONAnyone who has been reading my writings for a long time knows of my struggle with issues like rumination. Rumination is considered to be a “silent mental health issue.” For me, the past once ruled over everything. It was so powerful that the present looked horrible and the future appears to be unlivable. Nobody canContinue reading “Surgical Destruction of the Past”

Media From the Past Representing the Future, and Knight Rider 2000

INTRODUCTIONI was flipping through Netflix to see what was available to watch, when I noticed they had Knight Rider 2000. I’d not even heard of that before, so I watched it. Since this particular piece of media is THREE DECADES old, I’m not going to worry too much about avoiding spoilers. A GENERAL RUN-DOWNKnight RiderContinue reading “Media From the Past Representing the Future, and Knight Rider 2000”

The Past: I Am SO Over It [and Why the 80s Were SO Good]

I was cleaning house and moving a few rooms around a few days ago. While doing this, I found another box of photos that I’d thought had been lost. These images go WAY back in some cases. I’ll post a few of them here. Some of the photos were very similar to photos I alreadyContinue reading “The Past: I Am SO Over It [and Why the 80s Were SO Good]”

Some Scheduled, Controlled Weekend Time Travel

INTRODUCTIONI’ve written about “time travel” before, covering the dangers of engaging in such an activity. The most dangerous time travel activity involves seeking out people from your past and engaging with them in a way where you’re picking up where you left off. That might literally be my Autism talking. The least dangerous forms ofContinue reading “Some Scheduled, Controlled Weekend Time Travel”

Setting Boundaries on Time Travel

Since at least the early 1990s, I have been engaging in the behavior of time travel. No, not the kind where you get into a machine and use science-based magic to physically go to a specific time in the past. There was no Delorean, and I never got up to 88 mph. WHAT IS “TIMEContinue reading “Setting Boundaries on Time Travel”

Memories, and Sorting Through the Boxes

I was originally going to kick this off by comparing memories to things that are packed away in unmarked storage boxes. But then I realized that this isn’t completely accurate. Also, I’m not up for changing the title, so we’re going with a different analogy. You’re making a beef stew in a crock pot. YouContinue reading “Memories, and Sorting Through the Boxes”

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