Finding the Positive Within the Negative, Reacting, and Responding

In school, you are first taught a lesson and then tested. But in life, you are tested first, and THEN taught a lesson. INTRODUCTIONI have read that it takes FIVE positive thoughts or incidents to offset only ONE that is negative. Our brains have a bias toward the negative. I don’t know why, but suspectContinue reading “Finding the Positive Within the Negative, Reacting, and Responding”

Positivity vs. Honesty

ME: We’re fucked.THEM: You should try being more positive.ME: Okay. I am positive that we are fucked. As an Autistic person, I’ve always struggled with the concept of positivity, when faced with a negative reality that forces honesty. This is difficult to describe, so I’ll give you two examples. 1 OF 2: AN ADULT WHOContinue reading “Positivity vs. Honesty”

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