Digital Recording and Avoiding Perfection

NOTE: If you are NOT a musician, then fear not! I have you covered with a video that shows what I am talking about. Back in the early 2000s, I was recording a track with Noodle Muffin. This track was one where I played multiple instruments, including drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and a few others.Continue reading “Digital Recording and Avoiding Perfection”

DIY Home Studio Recording in 1985

INTRODUCTIONBefore we get to 1985, I need to take us back to 1980, when I first got started with recording. We’ll have two stops: The first is a pro recording studio in town, where I got started. The second is a DIY [Do It Yourself] situation in college. The third and final act is theContinue reading “DIY Home Studio Recording in 1985”

A Non-Permanent Perspective of Music

By the end of 1988, I had mostly given up on the pursuit of an industry-focused music project. I did get pulled back into it in 1996 by a Filipina artist who went by Ruby Cassidy and is now known as “Mystica.” This attempt ended with her ripping me off. Plus, she is a MalignantContinue reading “A Non-Permanent Perspective of Music”

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