Are Scam Victims Stupid?

MY IGNORANT BIASWhen I was a young adult, I would read about various scams and see news stories where they interview scam victims. At the time, I had several biases and believed some strange things. One of those is the idea that people who fall for scams must be really stupid. Very, very stupid. SoContinue reading “Are Scam Victims Stupid?”

On Avoiding Scams and Trusting Yourself

INTRODUCTIONThis is a brief overview for new readers, highlighting my experiences with scammers, before I get into the tools that I’ve found to help me better avoid scammers. I believe that it is vital that the reader understand my experiences, so they know what I’ve been dealing with, to see if it resembles anything youContinue reading “On Avoiding Scams and Trusting Yourself”

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