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April Fool’s Day is Mostly Dead

I don’t know if April Fool’s Day is exclusively an American thing. In the event that it might be, April Fool’s Day is where you can “fool” someone by telling them something that is not true. When they believe the ridiculous thing, you can declare, “April Fool’s!” and have a laugh about it. To beContinue reading “April Fool’s Day is Mostly Dead”


Change Is Not Always For The Better

INTRODUCTION“People grow. People change.” This was something that someone wrote to me on Facebook long ago, as if they were talking downward to a child. Yes, I know that people change. The problem comes when I’ve not seen or talked with a person in 25-35 years, and there is NO WAY to tell how someoneContinue reading “Change Is Not Always For The Better”

Rebuild Your Identity [It Might Stink]

INTRODUCTIONDoes YOUR identity STINK? If you’re an America, then it might. How a human identifies plays a crucial role in the survival of any person. It’s what drives them to do certain things. It informs our social connections and behaviors. It can motivate. It can inspire. It can also be destructive. IDENTITY AND 1970s FACTORYContinue reading “Rebuild Your Identity [It Might Stink]”