Hairless Apes, Empty Restaurants, and Swinging Vines

HAIRLESS APES HATE EMPTY RESTAURANTSThey really do. The idea that “nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant” suggests that people are less likely to do something if they don’t see others doing it. Many people do things to remedy this situation. Most of the time, this involves paying other people [typically actors] to showContinue reading “Hairless Apes, Empty Restaurants, and Swinging Vines”

Not Returning To Work: Abuse and Something Else

I had written a previous entry about why some people aren’t returning to work. In that entry, the main focus was on external sources of abuse, such as horrible and childish abuse behavior on the part of the customers and general public. This entry is going to focus more on the internal problem of abuse,Continue reading “Not Returning To Work: Abuse and Something Else”

When the CEO Screws the Company [and other issues]

It was late 2000 and I had been working for this company for about one year. I had my performance review and was told that I would be receiving a 5% pay raise. I had been working jobs since 1980, when I had my summer job. This would be my first-ever pay raise on theContinue reading “When the CEO Screws the Company [and other issues]”

Toxic Work Environments

Toxic work environments are destructive to workers. One would think that the Board would want a work environment to not be destructive, because it may impact profitability. However, when there is corruption in management on up, they may give the appearance of being profitable at the expense of the workers. Today, I’m going to tellContinue reading “Toxic Work Environments”

Why Some Are Not Returning to Work

INTRODUCTIONI went to my local antique store to talk to the nice older lady who works there. She’s a Right-winger, but not crazy or violent. We will sometimes have political discussions, and it always ends well. It is the closest I will ever get to replicating the discussions I would have with my grandmother asContinue reading “Why Some Are Not Returning to Work”

Finally, Rejection

I have been told that Autism can serve as a magnifier for pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional. For that reason, I am including a picture of my Main Coon, Tibo Bat. He tends to fix many things with his fluffiness. A SOURCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PAINLooking for work is one of those things thatContinue reading “Finally, Rejection”

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