“Buying Stuff” by Hot Dad: Fretless 5-String Bass Treatment

It was a rainy day today, so I got a major bug in my brow and decided to test out my “new” set-up with regard to making videos. By “new,” I mean a different configuration of existing gear, but without the powerful desktop computer. GEAR USEDSamsung Note 9 [VIDEO]Ibanez GWB35 Gary Willis Signature Fretless 5-StringContinue reading ““Buying Stuff” by Hot Dad: Fretless 5-String Bass Treatment”

My 3 Favorite End-of-the-World Animations

INTRODUCTIONThe end of the world is not something that I actively look forward to witnessing. I am convinced that, as I write this, we are bearing witness to the beginning of it. I say this, not in a religious sense, but in a practical sense. Greed of power and money has ramped up in America’sContinue reading “My 3 Favorite End-of-the-World Animations”

The Internet, Hate Comments, and Musicians Bashing Musicians

INTRODUCTIONThe internet used to be a fun and informative place. These days, all of that has been replaced with anger, harsh judgment, and pure aggression. Most of it is done in the name of getting clicks and making money. Sometimes it’s the anonymous commenters who spread negativity. Other times, it’s the content creator themselves whoContinue reading “The Internet, Hate Comments, and Musicians Bashing Musicians”

The Story of Four Fretless Bass Covers

INTRODUCTIONThis blog entry is about four different cover songs that I have worked up and recorded over the past week. I’ll write about what each song entailed, the challenges each song presented, and why I picked these songs in the first place. Let’s gooooooo!!!!! GOODNIGHT TONIGHT, BY PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGSThis song was released inContinue reading “The Story of Four Fretless Bass Covers”

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